GameBug Software

The game simulators on this web site are based on GameBug software. If you plan to explore game theory further, you may want to download GameBug for yourself. Features offered by GameBug but not by the web simulators include:


These files are compressed for faster download. You should be able to download just by clicking the link; if that does not work, try right-clicking and selecting “download” or “save source” or whatever your browser calls that option.

The current version is 2.2. The prior available version was 1.2. The new version has a simpler interface, allows expanding the window to increase the number of generations shown, and recognizes mathematical functions (ln, max, min) in the payoff matrix. See the online manual for more information about GameBug's features.

Windows (2000 and higher)

Download GameBugWin.msi (2.5 MB installer) and run it to put GameBug in your programs directory. It will also place a GameBug examples folder on your desktop.

Macintosh (OSX only, universal binary)

Download and open GameBugMac.dmg (5.2 MB disk image). Drag the GameBug application to your Applications folder and put the GameBug examples folder someplace convenient like the Desktop.


If you have trouble with the GameBug program or want to give feedback or suggestions, please email .

Old Versions for anyone who may need them:

Version 1.0: GBGWin.exe (installer, 1.6 MB); (folder, 1.5 MB); (folder, 1.6 MB).
Version 1.2: GameBugWin.msi (installer, 2.4 MB); (folder, 2.1 MB); GameBugMac.dmg (5.2 MB).